About Us

Redefine is branding consulting company based in South San Francisco. We specialize in delivering Chinese products to the American market and American products to Chinese demographics. As one of the few cross-culture branding agencies in the U.S., we aim to bridge the gap between western and Chinese cultures and create a brand that will appeal to our client's prospective audience.

We understand that creating a branding campaign for a cross-cultural market can be complicated for small businesses. Ads that are are direct translations of the ones made for one demographic rarely apply to another, and research into an unfamiliar culture can be intimidating. The incongruity of advertising methods is even more striking when compared with each other.

As a name, "Redefine" holds a very explicit goal for our company. We aim to revamp the image of Asian media in the American market and to help our western clients tailor their image to appeal to Asian audiences. In addition, our name also serves as a subtle reminder that all our work is done ethically and with principle. The highlighted "de" in our name is the second character of the Chinese word "道德 (dao de)", which means integrity.

As an immigrant of Chinese and Vietnamese descent and a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, our founder is involved in many community projects and non-profits, bridging the relationship between the community and the brand.

Redefine is the unit of our company that focuses on Asian gastronomy and small businesses. We work with clients to design, print, and brand their image.

Redefine Community is the unit of our company dedicated to working with local nonprofits. We have collaborated closely with groups such as the San Francisco Chinatown Lions Club and Comfort Women Justice Coalition for several years.

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